Friday, June 09, 2006

Another reason to move to Tarland !

Noddy & Mr Plod: This is pants too!

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Noddy said...

But there's always a sting in the tail.......

16:00 - 26 June 2006
It May be summer, but North-east residents are more likely to need their winter duvets than their shorts this week.

Aboyne saw temperatures plunge to just 1C last night.

And forecasters predict more chilly nights with frost forecast this evening in hilly areas.

In complete contrast to the cold evenings, daytime temperatures are pleasantly summery.

Aberdeen Met Office predicts Aberdeen should enjoy readings of around 16C or 17C for most of the week. A spokesman said: "It is not unusual for temperatures to dip this way at night. Because of the clear skies it can make the nights very chilly.

"Things warm up quite rapidly though.

"It is always colder out by the glens. The city will always be a bit warmer."

In June, 1975, flurries of snow fell in the North-east.

Banchory has had the hottest temperatures so far this year, peaking at a sizzling 25C (77F).